First post!

hello! I don’t know who this blog will reach in time-how many people it will impact or influence…but I do know that I have a desire to reach out and I feel that from the very far North country of Canada this is the best way to start!

I would love to see women all over connecting over coffee, reading blog posts, commenting with encouragement, growth…to share in what God is doing in each other’s lives and building each other up as women and as mothers!!

I have a dear friend here in Whitehorse who has played a huge part in my life personally, encouraging me to dig in deeper to the love of God and what He has for me-she also shares this dream to see women connecting-however, her dream is global! 🙂 So far, I’m just reaching!

I’m winding down from an awesome day-great morning at church and a nice afternoon at home with my kids, resting and watching movies 🙂 I’m looking forward to another week and hoping that whomever reads this has a fantastic week as well! 🙂




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