What a difference a year makes!


The first day of Kindergarten seemed like that day would never end! I dropped Sophie off at school and sat there outside the school until I knew that she was ok, and she wasn’t going to run out of the school screaming and crying for her mommy! I even hopped into my van over her lunch hour and stealthily drove by to watch her play with her new friends! At the end of the day I went and picked her up from school and she was thrilled to see me (which thrilled me!) and ready to come home. She was excited about her day, sharing what had happened but also a bit quiet because it was a lot to take in. Fast forward to a year later and she is starting grade 1, at home, and she’s excited to spend the days with me! Learning, being patient with one another, taking our relationship to an entirely new level. What happened within that year?

This week, while I’ve been wrapping my brain around taking on teaching, I’ve been reflecting on the last year, all the things that have gone on with all the kids, both individually and separately! We’ve gotten rid of training wheels, pull ups, learned a little bit more about right and wrong, started learning how to read, added a whole human to our family, transitioned a new baby into our household, and learned how to be big sisters and a big brother! It’s been a good year! It’s been a busy year! Adding another wardrobe to our laundry mass, teaching boundaries, potty training, outdoor family adventures, …but in all of that what has this year done to me? In the last year, how have I changed? Grown, as a mom. As a friend. As a wife. As a woman.

It’s so important to always take time to do some internal processing, for the sake of our parenting, and for our own peace of mind. What have I done in the last year to grow? I have changed my lifestyle, view on food, started exercising daily, I’ve started researching freelance writing, blogging, and I’ve started to listen! Listen to my heart, listen to my husband, listen to my kids! It doesn’t matter how old they are, they teach me so much! My husband helps me stay grounded in emotion, see things as a big picture, and my kids help me understand seeing the world from their point of view. They have taught me how to be present with them, just by being them, and my willingness to listen to them. In the moments where I’m sitting with my sleeping baby, I get to take the time to put the day on hold and listen to my other kids play, use their imagination, talk to each other with their little kid accents and vocabulary. I absolutely love it!

My hope for this blog, is to encourage and inspire other moms, however widespread my posts may reach, encourage and inspire other moms to be the best they can be. To see that they are doing the best they can be with what they have. When my house is in uproar, overwhelmingly loud with singing, shouting, arguing, bickering, and in those moments, I am doing the best I can to maintain my own peace. To keep my joy. I believe fully, with all my heart, that us moms are the glue that holds all together. Even, or maybe especially when, we feel like everything is crashing, we are it! At the end of a crazy chaotic day you ask your kids what the best part of their day was and they will tell you that it was that one fleeting moment when mommy hugged them, or when mommy let them go to the park and she pushed them on the swing. It’s the small moments. In a year’s worth of change, a lot of time to go by and a lot of things that do actually change, it’s the fleeting moments that make the difference. Be present. Love your kids in the midst of chaos. They are listening too! You are all rockstars! New beginnings are on the horizon, ladies!



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