A Change of the Mind


Thought processes are a tricky thing, especially for a mom! When your mind is on what seems like a million things in a day and beneath it all, you feel like you’re not doing enough. In those moments when you feel like everything you’re doing, all the love you’re pouring out despite your frustrated moments in a day, we subconsciously allow our minds to park in the realm of condemnation-where you start thinking of all your short comings and you allow yourself, without noticing, to feel like you’re not enough!

Trust me, I have had my fair share of those thoughts! Today alone! But I encourage you to try to take control of those thoughts. If you start to notice that you’re mind is going from peace and joy to frustration and guilt, take a moment to regroup. Take a moment, in the stillness of your own heart, to remember how much your kids love you. How much they need you. You ARE enough! You are MORE than enough! You are, believe it or not, the best mom ever created for the kids that you have! I believe with every fibre of my being we have been set apart for our kids. Only you can raise your kids the way they are meant to be brought up. Only you can build them up and lead them into the world with courage and bravery, wisdom and strength for anything that they will encounter, including bringing their own children into the world. You are enough!

Remember when I mentioned in a previous post about writing myself post it notes? It’s amazing how much it helps. My bathroom is one of my most favourite places to go to regroup and find my peace. In a moment of “What am I doing? Why is this so hard? How did I get here? How is this my life??”, one smiling glance from your daughter, or an “I love you” from your son are some of the most refreshing things to count on.

Today I was inspired and challenged to take captive my thoughts. To change the way I think. To redirect my mindset to positive thinking. These are things I already try to do on a daily basis, but let’s get really real…it’s stinking hard when you’re stepping in pee on the floor from your potty training 2 year old, or telling your son not to jump off the furniture for what seams like the millionth time! Every day it is a fight to keep my mind in check. I want to encourage you to do the same. We are all the best moms we can be for our kids! I’ll say it again, YOU are the best mom for your kids!

Someone told me once that when you begin to think something negative and intentionally turn your thought process to something positive it actually redirects the neurons in your brain and over time you eventually have a completely different mindset towards that idea. I know we all have our moments, I do! But in those moments, change your mind. Do something different. Think outside the box. Take captive your thoughts and remind yourself that you are enough!

As our kids are going back to school and things are settling in for the fall and winter, make some goals! Some soul goals! Go for it!! 🙂 Take some time for yourself over this season that is approaching. You can’t pour into others if you are on empty. As I’m typing this, I’m thinking back to my day, and I’m thankful for my family. I’m thankful that even though our circumstances are often less than ideal, or downright hard(!) that I know and can rely on the fact that these kids who are always needing something from me, day in and day out, are in turn teaching me! Just as much as they need me, I need them. Kids are more intuitive than we know. So this week as we all continue our transition into so much change, take some time to pay attention to how we think about life. If we can change the way we think about things, we can change our attitude about things, and in turn be happier women. Stronger women! We are so capable of so much more than we believe! I’m thankful for you, whoever you are, reading this, I believe in you! 🙂


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