You Are Worth It!


You are the greatest version of yourself! Only you can do the things you were created to do! Sure, there are “tweeks” you want to make, but it’s all part of the growing process!

If you take some time to write down your vision, remember the dreams inside your heart, the things you’re passionate about, and what you need to do to get there, does it stir up some excitement within yourself? I am on a personal journey to find out what it is that I should do next. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. If you can dream it up, you can do it!

One thing that continues to spur me on towards personal growth is that I have 4 little people watching me, observing my life and my decisions. I want to emulate the kind of person that I hope for them to become! I want to empower them to dream big and go for those dreams! If I’m raising them to be world changers, planting their roots deep into the earth and giving them the tools they need to shoot for the moon, then why can’t I do it too? I want to show them that it’s ok to be a stay at home mom and still have big dreams to strive for! Personally, I’m on a weightloss journey, to battle the diseases I’ve developed through high risk pregnancies that my doctors have told me I now have to endure for the rest of my life (I’m 33!) and I absolutely refuse to let that dictate my health for the rest of my life, and also so that my kids learn that it is very important to be healthy! (also so I can keep up with them when they want to go biking, hiking, play tag, hide and seek, etc) 🙂 What is your journey? Are there things you want to change?

Let’s talk growing pains! What kinds of things are you going through that are painful? Working out? (haha me too!) Eating healthy? Dealing with grief? Feeling shame, or guilt or low self worth? I’m sitting here with my 4 kids playing around me, writing this to you! Yes, YOU! No matter how you’re feeling right now, believe it or not, tomorrow is a new day! If you can find hope and joy in today, in whatever it is that you’re going through, and remember that tomorrow is a new day, you can do anything! There is grace for tomorrow! There is peace and joy for tomorrow!  You are NOT alone!! And you are SO worth it!


The pain you feel today can be the strength you feel tomorrow! Let the fire inside you burn brighter than the fire around you! You can do it! If you’re wondering what to do first to take a stand in your life and move towards personal growth, start with your daily routine. It’s amazing how much better you can feel when you change the small things…it’s a domino effect, and then you will feel so much more motivated to keep going! You are absolutely worth it! The things you are feeling aren’t irrelevant, in fact, it’s the opposite! The things you’re feeling can be used as a tool to push you into the next season of your life! Work through it, find someone to help you sort it all out, get an accountability partner to help you keep going and push, because there are so many people in your life that love you! I want you to know, no matter where you’re at, that you are brave, capable and strong! And you are worth it!


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