Run This Race!


Think back to the time when you first met your spouse or partner…did you imagine your life would be where it is now? No? Me neither!!

This is us, in 2009, about a year after we’d been married-before kids, before the Yukon, before we planted any roots anywhere and I had no idea in my mind what married life was even about really, let alone what my life would be like in 8+ years! It seems like it was such a short time ago, and yet so much has happened!! As a new wife, then, I had no clue what it meant to sacrifice…what it meant to be a “wife”. I had no idea how much I would have to stretch myself in the next few years to not only survive but also to shift my expectations and my boundaries to share life with another person!

I love how life changes and shifts in ways we don’t ever expect-not to say I love change, because generally I don’t-but considering we’ve adapted to a LOT of change in the last 8 years of our life in the Yukon, I’ve become very good at it! In the moment of shifting and transition I feel like my insides are being wrung out like a wet towel, but what I love about it is seeing how my husband and I take on the changes and roll with them-I love to see how things unfold. I love looking back to see how far we’ve come! In the last 9.5 years, we’ve moved very far away from where we came from, created a whole new life in the north, birthed 5 children and are parenting 4 of them, bought a house, changed careers…all these things have come at us with intense force, but we make a great team and we are running the race that is set before us. I realize that in the next 9-10 years our lives are going to shift in so many ways again, and I am excited to see what happens!

As the New Year has come and gone my husband and I have had many conversations about what we want this year to look like, and, for the first time I have not shifted my focus onto “resolutions” (which I generally don’t make because I never do any of them!), rather I have set goals, and in my Cultivating What Matters book I have broken down my goals into daily, weekly and monthly bits so I can actually achieve them! This year I am actually excited to take on what comes at us, good or bad-I feel that for the first time I am actually ready for anything because I actually feel grounded in my world-in my marriage, in my own personal self. This last year has taught me a LOT(!) and in this amazing process I’ve been adapting into my world and the way that I process and think things through, I’m more aware of myself and what I’m capable of, and also that it is so incredibly vital that I DO take care of myself as well! It’s so vital that I take care of my marriage! Our kids are important, yes, very important, but my marriage is the foundation of this family, and since we started having babies we have not made our time alone a priority…so this is one of the things that we’re focussing on this year! 🙂

So often as mothers, we tend to think we’re being so selfless by making sure we put our family first and make sure that they are all taken care of even if its sucking the life out of us-but the truth of the matter is that we are running at half (or less!) of our potential if we are falling apart on the inside-because what is going on inside our own hearts is what is coming out of us.  I share all of this with you today because I want to encourage you to dig deep within yourself, to search out what makes you tick, what makes you feel confident and what you need to do for yourself on an on-going basis so that you are grounded in your own world as well. It’s a great feeling knowing that no matter what comes at you, you feel confident enough in your own heart that you know you can take it on! You absolutely cannot take care of those around you if you are running on fumes! We are strong and courageous women, and we are important as well! We must run this race we’re on with an endurance, and we can’t do that on our own, and we can’t do that at half empty! Take care of yourself because you are enough, and you are worth it! This life we’re on is a marathon, not a sprint!

Remember, that just as much as we didn’t think about how far we would have come by now, we have no idea how much farther and how much more we will overcome in 10 years from now…!!


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