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My name is Amy, I live in the Yukon in Northern Canada with my husband, Ben, and 4 kids. Ben and I moved here from British Columbia 8 years ago with a “5 year plan”. We fell in love with the North and started a new life for ourselves here. We believe God called us here and we continue to raise our kids here and live the life that we’ve built together up here. This year we are homeschooling our oldest daughter in grade one!

We both have a passion for people! We love our kids, they are the centre of our world and are the most amazing little blessings that God could ever give us. We serve in our local church and work with the young people. Both of our jobs revolve around working with people-Ben is a youth services worker and when I was working I did office administration, working very closely with the pubic.

We both have a passion for growth and change-seeing the best in people, and doing what we can to help build people up and draw out the goodness!

In parenting, even as I type this, the noise and the craziness is surrounding me! I believe God gives us the grace to get through all situations with our kids. I believe He trusted us with each of our kids specifically for a purpose and He will help us raise them! I believe we are called higher to live for greatness because He has made us great!

I believe God leads us and directs us with the help of the Holy Spirit and I love to share what He is doing in my life and the things he is teaching me! I love seeing the heart of God coming alive in others and encouraging them to press in and keep digging in His goodness! He is so good and He loves us more than we could ever imagine! I’ve lived in His goodness, and want to see it explode in others around me!

I hope this gives you a little window into my world and who I am. I’m really excited about this blog and I hope to get to know some of you that pass by! 🙂




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